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system: Foot-Analysis-Equipment



The Orthomove Analysis Equipment has been developed with the purpose of being able to conduct an efficient, orthopedically correct and yet a simple foot analysis in the shop locally.

Not only are there three different versions of the Orthomove Thermoprint System in our product portfolio, but even a completely electronic foot measuring system with the help of foot scanning including the required analysis software.

These systems provide efficient support for the sales
consultant at the shop to offer competent and
efficient customer service.
Consultation and the sales of Orthomove Inlay Systems are also be supported and simplified by these systems.




Three different thermoprint systems are available depending on the space availability or requirements.
• Thermoprint Panel
• Thermoprint station with a small display
• Thermoprint station with a high three-sided display
This station also contains some space for presenting a selection of Orthomove insoles.


Thermoprint System-Service-Sequence

The customer enters the Thermoprint Measurement Platform either with or without socks,
and after about 15 – 20 seconds of stress, he leaves the platform.
Now, the customer’s footprint is visible for about 60 seconds on the thermoprint measurement platform.

Based on this image, the sales consultant is able to determine and evaluate the required shoe size and the type of foot. Next, on the basis of this evaluation, it is very easy to configure or adapt insoles for the customer from the
Orthomove Multi-fit System so that they fit him perfectly.


Thermoprint Plate

Thermoprint Station

20150505 SCANLAPTOP Station_web.jpg
Scanner Station
Orthomove Scanner Manual
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