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System: Fitting Equipment

Fitting Equipment


The foot is the shape for the customised sole - 100% adapted to the type of the foot and the purpose of use. This is so because with the Orthomove MultiForm system, the shape is formed by direct thermal adaptation to the foot of the wearer. These are inlay constructions that are shaped most accurately to the foot of the wearer and can be customised 100% to his or her needs.
The reason for this is that this system has been created from development with the help of continuous cooperation with medical professionals, sportspersons and orthopaedics. Several constructions are available in the existing market with the same consistent strength and thickness all through. Since the human foot is highly unique and complex in order to place it simply on a hard or solid shaped plate, such systems are neither meaningful nor expedient. Pure stiffening of the foot has the same effect as a plaster cast: conservation, pain alleviation, and as a consequence of this, reduction in the muscular system, shutdown of the sensor system and as a result, even loss of stability and performance.
The basis for the Orthomove MultiForm inlay system is formed by a high-tech plastic that can be moulded thermally and which, when arranged in multiple anatomic construction levels facilitates the best possible support and relief of the natural flow of movement.
Different strengths and thicknesses of the material ensure, on the one hand, that the foot receives support where this is also actually required. On the other hand, so-called flex zones are achieved to relieve the foot of the wearer or to guide them gently, as well as to give adequate free space to the existing bones and muscles. In this manner, it is ensured that the sensor system is not impaired or barely so, since this is critically responsible for the stability, performance and the well-being. This type of inlay is rounded off by the use of appropriate covering materials as well as partially high-tech shock absorbers made of PORON®-XRD™, and these can also be kept extremely thin with the help of precise moulding.
With the help of this construction it has been possible to achieve stability and maximum pressure distribution and this, too, with an
extremely thin base construction with low weight. You can feel the difference!






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