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system: The MULTIFIT Insoles

The MULTIFIT Insoles



The MULTIFIT system is a modular insole system that consists of elements that can be replaced individually. With the help of the support heels (+4 mm and +7 mm) the insole can be adapted individually to the respective type of foot (longitudinal arch) of the wearer. Two additional and replaceable shock-absorbing elements enable customised shock absorption and pressure distribution on the regions of the foot that are exposed to greater stress. Based on the stress caused by the weight as well as unique demands on comfort by the wearer, these may bereplaced on request.

Generally, soles are available in the market symmetrically - pairwise, but the feet of the wearer are not identical under any circumstances. As the only product of its kind in the market, the Orthomove MultiFit system also permits separate adjustment of the right and left feet, and in this manner, ensures a high level of perfect fit and customer satisfaction.

In the case of the Orthomove MultiFit system, special attention has been paid to dealer-friendly and customer-friendly handling. Thanks to the innovative modular system that makes separate models for supination, neutral and pronation superfluous, the warehouse stocks or inventory required is reduced up to one third. As a result, maintaining inventory levels become decisively reduced and easier for the dealer locally. The integrated shock-absorbing parts included in the scope of supply have been provided with an innovative micro-Velcro system and makes any tool superfluous. As a result, replacement becomes child‘s play and makes the final sale almost self-explanatory.


for customised adjustment of the height to the natural arch of the foot
A thermal plate or the foot scan station provides information about the condition of the foot – whether it is high-arched, normal or flat.

Based on this classification, the inlay is completed with 7 mm, 4 mm or no wedge at all. ATTENTION: For shoes with a narrow cut or for Strobel soles - the heel here is one size smaller since the construction of the shoe on its own has a supporting effect.


The module system includes two different shock-absorbing elements that are used
depending on the load weight.

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